Why Cocoa Jeans Fit So Great.... October 25 2014

In 1958 a group of scientists invent the Lycra® fiber as a replacement for the rubber used in corsets. The 1960s saw a revolution in the way fabrics could be used in clothing and particularly swimwear. Bulky, heavy swimwear now become light and quick drying. Lycra was also popularize in the ski world by the French Olympic team.

By the 1970s fitness craze, Lycra became the fashion for leotards and workout clothing.

Because of of its breathability, comfort and fit, Lycra fiber has now been integrated with other fabrics to increase the wearability, fit and longevity. This is why Cocoa Jeans fit so great and last forever. Using a fabric designed by Dupont, with 2% Lycra, 78% cotton and 20% polyester, and raw materials from the United States, our jeans provide the best fit, shape retention and freedom of movement for each body shape. 

Consumers today expect more from the jeans they buy. Cocoa provides not only the stylish, unique designs from Colombia, but jeans that are comfortable, durable and make their booty look great.